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Egypt. Wide choice of apartments for sale

Tiba Royal Complex TIBA ROYAL

Project “Tiba Royal” is a residential complex with a swimming pool. Construction company Tiba is the most reliable in Hurghada. There are built and inhabited already 7 complexes. The new complex is located in the centre of al-Ahyaa. In this area many houses, there are 2 schools, construction of a large shopping centre. Big beach al-Ahja is a 5 minute walk from the project.

Price for studios starts at 10894$. Installment payments until 31/12/2014.


Tiba Plaza Complex TIBA PLAZA

The "Тiba Plaza" is a residential complex with a swimming pool, which is located in the heart of a new modern district of Al-Ahijah with developed infrastructure. In this new neighborhood there are many apartment complexes, 2 schools, pharmacies, laundries. New large beach Al Ahiah is located 5 minutes to walk from the house.

Price of studios starts at $ 9,226 - pay in installments


Tiba Rose Complex TIBA ROSE

The project "Tiba Rose" – is a five-storey house with a swimming pool which is built in a beautiful oriental style and located in the heart of Hurghada, near the main street Sheraton, where there are several public beaches, many government offices, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes. The project "Tiba Rose" is just 7 minutes to walk to the promenade of Hurghada El Marina. Price of studios starts at 18125 $ - pay in installments.


Red Sea View Complex RED SEA VIEW

VIP complex "Sun Star" from German Construction Company is ready for population!
There are free apartments. Construction will be finished in December 2009.

Wonderful sea view from the 3 floor of apartments. 200 m to the seashore. Just in 10 minutes from International airport.


Al Dora Residential complex al Dora residence
APARTMENT for sale in a finished residential complex with a view of the Red sea. Egypt. Residential complex “Al Dora” - ready to move in, is built in an Oriental architectural style, located on the 1st line of the red sea in the elite area of Hurghada.
The price 50,000$ - 50m2 with furniture, built in kitchen, electrical engineering!
The price 65,000$ - 75m2 with furniture, built in kitchen, electrical engineering!


Arabia Diamond Complex ARABIA DIAMOND
Complex ARABIA DIAMOND - completely finished and ready for occupancy apartment 5-storey residential complex with pool, located in Arabia - the new prestigious area of ​​Hurghada.


Al Safwa 2 Complex AL SAFWA 2
Complex AL SAFWA 2 - residential building in Hurghada InterContinental division no.20.G in front of Mobarak-6 about 10 minutes from Hurghada international airport, and 10 minutes from downtown


Florence-Arabia Hamsin Beach Complex FLORENCE-ARABIA Hamsin Beach

Exclusive residence complex Florence-Arabia with private beach is situated in Hurghada between Arabia and Zahabia Hotels, in 15 minutes by car from International airport.

Building is consisting from private walk street to shopping mall in the center of the city. Complex includes 1500 luxurious apartments in European style.


Sunset Pearl Complex SUNSET PEARL, ready for occupacy
complex SUNSET PEARL - with views of the sea, mountains and golf course


Al Safua Residential house AL SAFWA

AL SAFWA residential house in the Intercontinental - ready for occupancy. Price with finishes and furnishings of $ 14 750




ARABIA PALCE - sea views from most apartments



Tiba Tower 2 Complex TIBA TOWER 2

Complex TIBA TOWER 2 - Price with finishing from $ 19,640



Tiba Tower 1 Complex TIBA TOWER 1

Complex TIBA TOWER 1 - Price with finishing from $ 59,000



Tiba Star Complex TIBA STAR

Complex TIBA STAR - Price with finishing from $ 10,356



Isis Resort Complex ISIS RESORT

Complex ISIS RESORT - on the north of Hurghada, a new residential area of Al Achaea, 3 min walk to the beach..



Isida Joya Complex ISIDA JOYA

Complex ISIDA JOYA – 10 minutes from the center of Hurghada, 15 minutes before the Egyptian Venice El Gouna and 3 minutes walk to the beach.



Tiba Heights Complex TIBA HEIGHTS

Residential complex “Tiba Heights” IS ALREADY BUILT AND READY FOR SETTLEMENT. This is a gorgeous 6-story pool house, one of a network of projects TIBA, which is built in the heart of the new district Аl-Ahia. In this area there are many residential complexes, a French school, started the construction of a large cultural and entertainment mall. For sale there are 1 bedroom apartments, the price of apartments with 1 bedroom starts at $ 19,930 - pay in installments.



Tiba Garden Complex TIBA GARDEN

Complex TIBA GARDEN – in the heart of the rapidly developing area of Al-Achaea new residential complex with swimming pool


Regency Tower Complex REGENCY TOWER

Complex REGENCY TOWER – residential complex with pool, located in the heart of Al Kawzar. Al-Kawzar is a new residential and promising area in the center of Hurghada, a favorite area of the Europeans.


Isida Complex ISIDA

Complex ISIDA – beach in 3 minutes. Price from $21955 with finishing


Tiba Palace Complex TIBA PALACE

Complex TIBA PALACE –  Price from $13500 with finishing


Paradise Hill Complex PARADISE HILL

Complex PARADISE HILL – On sale are offered studio and apartments with 1 st, with 2 and 3 bedrooms. Price from $ 38000 with fixtures and furnishings. Service - 5 * All Included!


Cleopatra Complex CLEOPATRA

Residential complex "Cleopatra" is the seven-story-building with a beautiful design is in the heart of Hurghada, with infrastructure in Arabia area. House with swimming pool is built on the seafront of the Red Sea, 70 meters from the beach in front of Hotel "Hilton Plaza 5 *" The area is equipped with a roof under general use with a barbecue area and lounge chairs for relaxation. The complex "Cleopatra has a GREEN CONTRACT and it gives the right to all buyers make full ownership of their apartments! The complex "Cleopatra" is completed and the final certificate of acceptance of the building will be in May 2013.  Pool and elevators are working. Now 90% of the complex is sold. For sale are studios, 1 st, with 2 and 3 bedrooms. The price for a studio start at $ 18,720 without furnish  - from $ 24120  with furnish.


Bombay Complex BOMBAY

Complex BOMBAY – opposite Sea Gull Hotel. Price from $24500 with finishing.


Nour Plaza Complex NOUR PLAZA

The project "Nour Plaza" - a residential house with a sea view. The house is built with 5 floors, with a large swimming pool and children's pool. All buyers will pass on the sea. In the area of ​​Al-Ahya built many residential complexes, already has 3 school French, British, and American, and in this area there are grocery and hardware stores. Complex "Nour Plaza" will consist of 212 apartments. Price of studios starts at 15,840 $ - pay in installments up to 2 years.


Tiba Nuria Complex TIBA NURIA

The project "Tiba Nuria" - a house with a swimming pool, built in the heart of a new modern district of Al-Ahiah with developed infrastructure. There are many residential buildings, 2 schools, shops, pharmacies, laundries in this area. New large beach Al-Ahiah is located just 5 minutes to walk from the house. Price of studios starts at 10887 $ - payment in installments.


Diamond-1 Complex DIAMOND-1

Complex DIAMOND-1 – Complex Diamond -1 - a beautiful house with two swimming pools built in the El-Ahyaa, directly opposite the main beach. To the beach you can walk in just 2 minutes! Commissioning: May, 2011.


Flat in Hurghada Finished apartment in the elite area of Hurghada

Finished apartment in the elite area of HurghadaOn sale offers studio and 2-bedroom apartments. Construction done on 100% home delivered.


Pyramids Beach Complex PYRAMIDS BEACH

In Hurghada El Ahiya region from October 2008 grow the building of VIP complex "Pyramids Beach", hotel style 5+ with sea view.
The distance from complex to the seashore is 250 meters.

Complex is situated exactly beside crystal clean waters of Red Sea, front of entrance of central beach.
From 75% of apartments you will see unbelievable view on the Red Sea seashore.


Lotus Orchid Complex LOTUS ORCHIOL

Complex LOTUS ORCHIOL - - a modern complex with pool, with protection, with an elevator. The minimum area of apartments from 42,5 sqm Price from 29750 dollars.


Palma Resort комплекс PALMA RESORT

Beautiful new ready project Palma Resort with great sea view and private beach on the 1 line.

First phase of the project is already dwelling, the second phase will be finished in December 2009.

Palma Resort is situated in the region with full infrastructure, 10 minutes from Hurghada and 15 minutes from international airport.

Area of apartments is: from 45 sq.m. till 130 sq.m.



Dwelling foreign complex "Al Dora Residence" is built on the first line in Hurghada, El Helal region. Is a respectable region in Hurghada, there are no another construction beside. From the right side of the complex (100m) 5* hotel is situated.

All residents of the complex will get a subscription for using a beach on the territory of the hotel, it will coast 75$ per year, for kids under 14 years entrance free.


Samra Bay Complex SAMRA BAY

Dwelling complex hotel class "Samra Bay" is situated on the seashore, just 5 minutes from new center of Hurghada, on the touristic street El Mamshy, after Intercontinental region.

Complex Samra Bay is situated around private lagoon, with seashore line more than 1 km. Complex will have private moor, and private beach.

Design of complex includes not just elegant and solid architecture but also modern decision in decoration of apartments. And also big free places between buildings.


El Andalous Complex EL ANDALOUS

Residence El Andalous – luxus apartments in the world class resort of Sahl Hasheesh.

Located in a central position inside the world class Resort Sahl Hasheesh, the refuge "El Andalous" is being created – exclusive apartments for highest demands.

The residence "El Andalous" captivates through its architectural design held in the Moorish style as well as through its intelligent room concepts. In a spectacular location, right next to the pier with a direct access to the beach, if offers a fascinating view over the bay of the world class Resort Sahl Hasheesh.


Sara's Residences Complex SARA RESIDENCE

Due to its privileged location close to the sea the Village Road has moved more and more into focus. Following the creation of the 8 km pedestrian precinct, well-established hotels, banks, shopping malls, shops, restaurants, discotheques and bars have settled down gradually and today the Village Road is deemed to be the symbol for the modern Hurghada, also called the "Golden Mile".


Ocean Breeze Complex OCEAN BREEZE

Family Resort Ocean Breeze – exclusive villas and luxury apartments in the world class Resort Sahl Hasheesh.

Located directly at the beach, embedded in the spectacular surroundings of the world class Resort Sahl Hasheesh and only 1 km away from the new Marina, "Ocean Breeze" offers fascinating conditions. On a partial area of about 75000 sq.m. (total area about 110000 sq.m) a spacious development is being designed for 50 villas and 121 apartments in the phase of construction.


Paradise Gardens Complex PARADISE GARDENS

Paradise Gardens is a residential complex with cascading pools and flowering gardens!
In January 2013 the construction of the complex was finished and now it is READY FOR SETTLEMENT!
The beach is only 50 meters away from the site of this beautiful project. Huge pools located in the center of the complex and flowering gardens grow around the pools. You can see from the photos which we presented that the area of the complex looks like a fabulous city. The impression is that the pools are merged with the sea. Paradise Gardens is the most extraordinary complex and there is no equal in design and beauty in Hurghada! 
The builder provides buyers installments up to 4 years!


Nubia Resort Complex NUBIA RESORT

Already build and perfect for invest complex with hotel style – Nubia Resort with private beach. Complex is situated exactly on the seashore of Red Sea in tourist region El Ahiya, 14 km from Hurghada to El Gouna side.

Complex consist of 10 five stores buildings, there are 4 flats in each floor. In general: 200 flats, 56 villas, 2 buildings of 4* hotel.

All villas and apartments have sea view.


Kamareia Resort Complex KAMAREIA RESORT

Dwelling complex Kamareia Resort made in town house style. Is situated in the middle of Hurghada, not far away from Intercontinental Hotel, just 500 m from Mamshy and 800 m from Red Sea shore.


Izumrud Resort Complex ZAMORUDA RESORT

Modern touristic complex is situated between Hurghada and El Gouna on the second line. Just 10 minutes from Hurghada and international airport. Complex Zamoruda Resort is luxurious, comfortable house by good price. Is a perfect opportunity for invest on the building stage!


Intercontinental 4 Complex INTERCONTINENTAL 4

Intercontinental 4 is a new modern complex which is situated in Intercontinental Hotel area, front of dwelling massive Mubarak 6, supermarket "Abu Ashara", 7 km from Hurghada downtown, 5 minutes by walk from beach, 10 minutes by car from International airport.

Residence is building on the area 1200 sq.m. Area of building is 700 sq.m.
Project is presented with 4 stores building with 37 apartments.
Apartment's area from 60 sq.m. till 104 sq.m. with 1 or 2 bedrooms.


The VIEW Complex The VIEW

Complex of villas and apartments VIEW with panoramic sea view is situated in the middle of Hurghada, beside Sunrise Hotel on the seashore.

Complex has 3 levels: 1 level – Hotel numbers which is situated on the seashore; 2 level – Apartments with sea view, is situated 1 step higher and connect with first level; 3 level - 3 stores corpus, 2 stores penthouses and private villas – situated after corpus with apartments, on the top, wonderful sea view.


Lotus Breeze Complex LOTUS BREEZE

Complex is situated in Village Road region of Hurghada.

Constructor is British company.

Euro standard trimming.


El Mamsha Complex EL MAMSHA

Complex EL MAMSHA – apartments with sea views. Price 560 $ m2. Delivery facility in December 2010.


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